Welcome To Warroad Summer Theatre

Home of Marvin Windows, Trophy Walleyes, and Warroad Summer Theatre!
We are one of the oldest community theatres in Minnesota and we are thrilled to invite you to our 43rd Season.

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Welcome Back To Live Theatre!

The last year and a half has been tough, but we are ready to welcome back our veteran theatre patrons and actors, and we are excited to see some new faces as well! WST really does rely on our community to bring these amazing works of art to life!

Thank you for joining us, and as they say,
See ya ‘round the theater!

The Time Has Finally Come...

2023 marks the 43rd year of Warroad Summer Theatre and its 41st Season. Please join us as we enjoy live theatre once again.
So sit back, relax and ENJOY!

The Roar of the Crowd!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be on stage? Warroad Summer Theatre has many opportunities to live out your dream of being on stage.
Dream Big!

Popcorn Players...

Have been part of the Warroad Summer Theatre season since 1991. It has always been a fun and exciting way to introduce children to the theatre!
Once a Popcorn Player,
ALWAYS a Popcorn Player!

The strangers that become friends – the friends that become family.

That is what being part of Warroad Summer Theatre is all about!

There are so many ways to get involved!

A sense of belonging somewhere again. - Shelley Lynn Grove

New friendships that have lasted through time. - Shelley Galle

Friendships for me AND my family. An outlet for creativity…and, of course, my spouse. - Jenee Provance

My spouse, of course! Before that, a life, a 2nd family and the courage to come out of my shy Shell! - Patty-Ray DeGarmo


Our Vision

Our Vision

From new material to the classics Warroad Summer theatre is a community focused organization that encourages everyone, young and old to get bitten by the theatre bug.


Our Mission

Our Mission

WST's mission is to provide a creative outlet to anyone who wants to learn about, take part in and embrace the theatre world.