The Roar of the Crowd!

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Warroad Summer Theatre's mission statement says it all…to provide a creative outlet to anyone who wants to learn about, take part in and embrace the theatre world.

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to be on stage, Warroad Summer Theatre is a great place to start, learn and grow under the spotlights.

What to expect from a Warroad Summer Theatre Audition!

Warroad Summer Theatre is an...

amateur theatre group and prior experience onstage is not required! Each director has their own way of holding auditions, but here are some basic tips for you. When auditions are announced, double check location, date and time. Not all of our auditions are held in the same location.

Please bring your personal calendars...

so that you can confirm you are available for rehearsals and production dates.

If you are auditioning for a musical...

you will be asked to sing a song. You can bring sheet music for your prepared piece for the accompanist to use. Be prepared to sing prior to arriving. You may not have time to warm up.

You will be asked to read portions of the script.

If you are auditioning for either a musical or a non-musical production, you will be asked to read portions of the script. You may read many different characters, or you may read for only one. You might read the same portion with different people, who are also auditioning. The director will let you know!

Callbacks will be posted on this page.

Links to this page will be posted on social media.

IMPORTANT: The above information is only a "guideline." These indicate how auditions tend to run. However, the final requirements of each show's audition is ultimately up to that show's director and may vary from show to show.

Friendships for me AND my family.

An outlet for creativity…and, of course, my spouse. - Jenee Provance